Crochet Coral Reef

Ontario Science Center, Toronto, Canada
Lobby of Ontario Science Center

Lobby of the Ontario Science Center, a culturally significant Toronto landmark by architect Raymond Moriyama.

During 2021, the Ontario Science Centre will host a large-scale solo exhibition of the Crochet Coral Reef, with a focus on the mathematical and environmental aspects on the project. In addition, Christine and Margaret Wertheim are working with the Centre to oversee construction of an Ontario Satellite Reef made by local Canadian citizens.

OSC Exhibition webpage

Ontario Satellite Reef – Project webpage.

See here to get involved in crafting corals for this Canadian-generated reef. The Ontario Satellite Reef is being designed with 5 inter-related sections including a Tropical Coral section, a Bleached section, and a section devoted to sustainability and recycled materials. The finished Satellite Reef will be also be exhibited at OSC, and participants are invited to upload images of their works to form a virtual gallery of this new work-in-progress.

Notice about COVID: This exhibition was originally scheduled for Summer 2020 and has been delayed due to COVID. More information coming soon.