Crochet Coral Reef

May – October 2021
Ontario Science Center, Toronto, Canada
Brochure announcing Crochet Coral Reef project int Ontario Science Center

From May – October 2021, the Ontario Science Centre hosted an exhibition of the Crochet Coral Reef with a focus on the mathematical and environmental aspects on the project. During 2020/2021 Christine and Margaret Wertheim worked with the Centre on construction of an Ontario Satellite Reef made by hundreds of local Canadian citizens.

OSC Exhibition webpage

Ontario Satellite Reef  webpage.

The Ontario Satellite Reef was designed with 5 inter-related sections including a Tropical Coral section, a Bleached Coral section, and a section devoted to sustainability and recycled materials. The finished Satellite Reef is on exhibit at OSC from May 2021 through 2022 and may be seen on Level 2 of the museum.

This exhibition was originally scheduled for Summer 2020; due to COVID it was delayed until Summer 2021.