SPUN: Adventures in Textiles

May 19 – September 22, 2013
Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado

Pod World Plastic, featuring Plastic Bottle Trees by Nadia Severns and Plastic Bottle Anemone by Vanessa L. Garcia.

Institute For Figuring

Over summer, the Denver Art Museum is devoting itself to a museum-wide celebration of fiber arts. SPUN: Adventures in Textiles,  is the largest suite of exhibitions the museum has ever mounted, engaging the energies of 14 curators. Different exhibits are housed throughout the Daniel Libeskind-designed complex. Highlights include Flash of Red, Glint of Gold: Woven Riches of South America, a superb exhibition of Navajo blankets; and Cover Story, a wide-ranging collection of textile pieces from the Museum’s permanent collection, including a selection of traditional American Indian outfits.

Select works from the IFF’s Crochet Coral Reef are staged throughout the museum.

Other participating artists include Ernesto Neto and Shinique Smith, who is also represented in the concurrent exhibition TRASH at the New Children’s Museum, San Diego, where the IFF’s Midden Project is on display.

In addition, the Denver Art Museum is hosting the creation of a Denver Satellite Reef, spearheaded by museum staff Rose Eason and Jenna Madison.

Participating artists from the IFF’s Core Reef Crafters include:

  • Margaret and Christine Wertheim (CA)
  • Sarah Simons (CA)
  • Evelyn Hardin (TX)
  • Anna Mayer (CA)
  • Marcos Siref (CA)
  • Helle Jorgensen (Australia)
  • Pamela Stiles (NY)
  • Irene Lundgaard (Ireland)
  • Gunta Jekabsone (Latvia)
  • Lynn Latta (CA)
  • Barbara Van Elsen (NY)
  • Jane Canby (AZ)
  • Dagma Frinta (NY)
  • Sue Ohlsen (PA)
  • Rebecca Peapples (MI)
  • Nadia Severns (NY)
  • Vanessa L. Garcia (CA)
  • Marianne Midelburg (Australia)
  • Helen Bernasconi (Australia)
  • Shari Porter (CA)
  • Allie Gerlach (CA)
  • Anitra Menning (CA)
  • Jane Canby (AZ)
  • Quoin (Australia)
  • Jill Schreier (NY)
  • Vonda N. McIntyre (WA)
  • Una Morrison (Ireland)
  • Tane Clark (AZ)
  • Nancy Yahrous (AZ)
  • Scottsdale Reefers (AZ)
  • Tija Viksna and the Latvian Reef Crafters (Latvia)
  • workers at the Handcc Crochet Factory in Shantou (China)
  • and thrift store doilies donated by Elizabeth Wertheim (Australia).
A wall that features the title of the exhibition, SPUN: Adventures in Textiles
Interior view of an art gallery at the Denver Art Museum

The Branched Anemone Garden in Denver, loaned from the collection of Lisa Yun Lee.

Institute For Figuring