Austrian Satellite Reef + Crochet Coral Reef Exhibition

October 2023 – April 2024
Schlossmuseum Linz, Germany

Inspirational sketch for Austrian Satellite Reef

Image by Christine Wertheim

Austria is making a Reef.

A new Austrian Satellite Reef, currently under construction, will be a centerpiece of an exhibition at the Schlossmuseum Linz opening October 2023.

For this installation, artists Christine Wertheim and Margaret Wertheim are working with the people of Austria to design a unique crochet reef based on local crafting and folk-art traditions including blue and white textiles and goldhaber hats – surreal, almost sci-fi confections, originally made from spun gold thread that are an Austrian speciality. Inspiration for this Reef is also coming from the luxe symbolistic aesthetic of Gustav Klimt, further enhancing a golden-hued theme in what promises to be a novel iteration of the Crochet Coral Reef project. Geographically this artwork refers to a primordial coral-filled sea whose fossilized remains are found throughout the region of Upper Austria.

A freshly curated selection of Crochet Coral Reef works by Christine and Margaret will also be presented, along with a series of remarkable large-scale coral “paintings” from the Baden-Baden Satellite Reef created with the people of Germany.

Crocheters everywhere are invited contribute to the Austrian Satellite Reef. See here for how to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact the Schlossmuseum at or call +43 (0)732 7720 522 22 in Linz.
Corals may be sent directly to:

  • Schlossmuseum Linz
    z.H. Collection Corals
    Schlossberg 1
    4020 Linz, Germany

Austrian Satellite Reef  – Project Webpage
Austrian Satellite Reef – Instagram
Schlossmuseum Linz – Facebook

Inspirational sketches

Inspirational collages for Austrian Satellite Reef emphasizing the color scheme of blue, white, black and gold, with tall spikey branched coraline shapes.

Collages by Christine Wertheim