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The Crochet Coral Reef is a project of the Institute For Figuring. The CCR is the product of years of intellectual research and development on the part of Margaret and Christine Wertheim for the Institute For Figuring (IFF). The nexus of maths, handicrafts, environmentalism, community art, feminism, and science is itself the Reef project. While hyperbolic crochet is something to be learned and employed freely, the aforementioned nexus that combines many different worlds and disciplines in an educational community project is a product of the IFF's innovations in public education. This programming is protected by intellectual copyright.

The Institute For Figuring is a non-profit educational organization based in Los Angeles that does public programming and exhibitions at the intersection of the sciences and the arts. The science communication aspect of the project is the intellectual property of Margaret Wertheim and the Institute For Figuring. There are fees for using this material in community and institutional programming. Click here for more information.

If you are a representative of a gallery or museum or other institution who is seeking to partner with the IFF to present an exhibition, event, or lecture, please contact us by email. We invite you to send us a short description about your institution and an outline of the events you would like to propose.

If you are interested in showing the Core Collection of Crochet Coral Reefs by the IFF please be aware that this is a very large exhibition to mount. We always need at least 9 months advance notice to consider showing the Reef, preferably 12 months notice. If your institution is not based in the US, we need to begin discussions a year in advance. The project requires significant resources and is only available to venues that can offer an exhibition timeframe of minimally two months duration and full gallery support. There is an exhibition fee for showing the work. We regret that we cannot show the project at craft fairs. Those who are interested in pursuing an exhibition are urged to familiarize themselves first with our website and exhibition history.

Please note that there are two smaller-scale displays available, The Classic Bleached Reef and the Cactus Garden. These works are presented on a single pedestal each, and are appropriate for group exhibitions or smaller venues.

The Institute For Figuring has content available under several different rights categories. If you wish to use materials from this site or associated with our exhibitions, contact the IFF.