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Satellite Reef – Sydney

Fractal diagram tracing the network of groups involved in creation of the Sydney Reef. Diagram courtesy of In Stitches.

In 2008 the IFF was contacted by In Stitches, a collective of three young Sydney artists, who wanted to embark on a project to make a Sydney Reef. The three women - Michaela Davies, Claire Conroy and Charlotte Haywood - were all fiber artists of some renoun. Claire had learned about the Crochet Reef Project when she visited Manhattan and saw the exhibition at the World Financial Center Winter Garden of the New York Reef, the Chicago Reef and the Toxic Reef. Returning to Australia she conceived the idea of starting a Sydney offshoot. In early 2009 the group began holding its first workshops to teach others throughout the state of New South Wales to make their own hyperbolic corals. On the last sunday of every month, beginning in March 2009 In Stitches is holding hyperbolic crochet workshops at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. All this is leading up to an exhibition of the Sydney Reef at the Powerhouse during the annual Australian Science Week. Exhibition dates are August 21-30, 2009.

More information about the Sydney Reef can be seen at:

Exhibition of the Sydney Reef:

Place: The Powerhouse Museum
500 Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney, Australia

Dates: August 21-30, 2009

The In Stitches collective: Michaela, Claire and Charlotte. Photo by Claire Conroy.

The Sydney Reef opened to the public at the Powerhouse Museum on August 21 at a special event attended by many local contributors. This first in a growing number of local Reefs now developing across Australia is a truly magnificent creation marked by a level of curatorial finesse and sophistication that stands as a powerful testimony to the wealth of handicraft talent down under.

The IFF applauds the work of the In Stitches collective - Claire, Charlotte and Michaela - who have spearheaded this initiative and who have worked throughout 2009 teaching workshops across New South Wales and as far afield as Alice Springs. We have always known that something very special would emerge from our homeland - In Stitches have channeled the forces inherent in the global Reef project, precipitating the coming into being of a very exceptional installation. We present below a few photos of the Sydney Reef and direct you to In Stitches blog for further coverage and delight.

Sydney Reef Contributors

Contributors to the Sydney Reef - as of August 2009

Aanya Roennfeldt-Bongers , Arana Hills Library Knitting Group, Aaron Statham, Aija Neilands, Aileen Francis, Agnes Gal, Alice Crisle, Alison Chan, Alison Collins, Alison Sexton-Green, Amanda Cole, Amanda Graupner, Anahi Castillo Angon, Andrea Burns, Andrea Carew, Andrew Silk, Angela Bellamy, Angela Calabrese, Angus Mahon, Annabel Lines, Anne Atcheson, Anne Conlon, Anne Holder, Anne Mondro, Annette Conroy, Annette Young, Anthea Payne, Awen Davidson , Barbara Allen, Barbara Robins, Barbee Kerl, Bea Sochan, Belinda Gamlen, Ben Maloney, Bethel of Bethania, Betty Hassold, Betty Stuckey, Beverly Brandon, Beverly cox, Bill Cruickshank, Birgit Shubert-Kingcott, Briana Green, Carla Ganassin, Carlene Bagnall, Carly Miller, Carmelita Taffa, Carol Chandeley, Carol Faulkner, Carol Lowther, Carole Atkinson, Caroline Turner, Carolyn Minto , Catherine Fetherston, Charlotte Haywood, Cherie Hingee, Cheryl Cannon, Cheryl Smith, Clara Tenhave, Claire Conroy, Claire Glover, Clare Holland, Clare Lowther, Claire Sives, Claire Pullen, Claudia Mahon, Colleen, Constance Smith, Coralie Turner-Morris, Courtney Walcott, Cybele Shorter, Cynthia Nicklin, Damian Martin, Danuta Chora, Danielle Driver, Dawn Hollyer, Debbie Peterson, Desley Markham, Derek Wiliamson, Dinah Holden, Ding Wei Li, Dorothy Jones, Dominka Bjelobrk, Danna Sgro, Edith Draper, Edric Hong, Edward Horne, Elaine Lally, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Bright, Elizabeth Raymond, Elizabeth Wales, Elizabeth Woods, Ella Murnane, Elly Koeppel, Eremaya Albrecht, Erica Simes, Emma Selamless, Emmeliue Tylern, Eve Glenn, Fei Lin, Fiona O'Beirne, Floria Popoff, Floria Tosca, Flossie Petsch, Frances Ford, Francis Smith, Frankie Pinkerton, Gabrielle Consadine, Gai Mather, Georgina Phe, Georgina Yan, Giok May Tjoa, Giovanna Piccoi, Gillian Budden, Gladys Newell, Gloria Muddle, Gloria Zeng, Gwen Benson, Hannah Boyd, Hannah Escano, Heather Davidson, Heather Aspinall, Helen Bowman, Helen Duckworth, Helen Fergeson, Helen Keenan, Helen Lovelock, Helen Martin, Helen McGuire, Helen Noone, Helen Swain, Helen Walters, Holly Fluxx, Hyperbolic crochet club members from IGS, Immogen Semler, Inger Christoffersen, Ingrid Baker, Irene Seeto, Jacklynn Draper, Jacqueline Steffen, Jan Garland, Jan Lucas, Jane Mommsen, Jane Roth, Janet Paterson, Janine Matthews, Jany Garland, Jason Laucher, Jeanette John, Jenny Chang, Jenny Dowde, Jens Germon, Jill Bilston, Jim Orman, Jo Callegari, Johanna Roberts, Jodie O'Leary, Joanne Pedro, Judith, Judith Green, Judy Bourke, Judy Hammond, Judy Jones, Judy Nish, Judy Rainsford, Joyce Scott, Jordan Spence, Julia Jacobs, Julia Stewart, Julia Mather, Julian Berengut, Julie-Anne Skelton, Karen Adams, Karen Purser, Karyn Ridgway, Kate Belfield, Kate Campbell, Kate Fraser, Kate Ratner, Kate Lawrence, Kate Morris, Kath, Kath Daniel, Kathy Watson, Kathryn Davies, Kay Lawrence, Kerin Botha, Kerrie Ninni, Kirsty McCully, Kirsty Stringer, Kim Reilly, Kim Taiki, Kerin Botha, Koby Hagenfelds, Kristy Graham, Kylie Butler, Kylie Gillespie, Kym Palfreman, Leanna McAlpine, Liane Rossler, Lee Wallace, Leslie Lockwood, Lesley Grady, Liane Rossler, Lillian Jaros, Lilly Webb, Lis Mertens, Lisa Garfoot, Lisa Molyneaux, Lisa Nolan, Lise Roberts, Liz Thwaites, Louise Jansen, Lorraine Boomer, Lorraine Stephenson, Lyndell of Newtown, Lyn Lockwood, Lynne McNairn, Lucy Kennedy, Mae Taylor, Maria Pahuta, Maricarmen Po'o, Marie Wickens, Mars Hall, Marty Jay, Marg Lanne, Margaret Perkins, Margaret Banks, Margarete Ferris, Margaret Jaffe, Marnie Holmes, Mary Preece, Maryanne Noonan, Maureen Craig, Mhairi McClymont, Meg Bishop, Megan Kalucy, Megan Jack, Mel Darr, Melissa Silk, Melody Caramins, Meredith Duncan, Michaela Davies, Michell Butterworth, Michelle Perry, Michelle Westgate, Mim Reilly, Monica Perry, Morwena Pearce, Myra Cheng, Nancy Langley, Naomi Odean, Naumi Hogan, Nicci Riley, Nicola Scott, Nita Byrne, Norma Warnecke, Norma Warnecke, Odile Berget, Olwen Chung, Pam Hicks, Pat Pillai, Patience Peitsch, Pat Chambers, Perran Costi, Peta Smith, Pilar Angon, Pippa Markham, Popi-Laurel Silk, Pru McCausland, Rachel Bunder, Rae Heaton, Rachelle Balez, Rena Shein, Renee Boustead, Renata Kirkpatrick, Rita Pearce, Richenda Ewen, Robin, Robin Laurie, Robya Williams, Robyn Beeche, Rosanna Ganassin, Rosemary Mahon, Rosey Bridge, Ros Tattersal, Ruth Spence, Claudia Mahon, Angus Mahon, Robin Tuttleby, Robyn Gardner, Robyn Sander, Rowan Phipps, Sabine Parge, Sallie Lin, Sandy Reagan, Sandra Pamplin, Sarah Castor-Perry, Sarah Galvin, Sarah Streatfeild, Sharon Phillips, Sheila Wiltshire, Shi Ting, Shigenlo Newell, Shirley Halton, Simon Azzopardi, Sophie Verrichia, Soo Moy Lew, Stephanie Phillips, Sue Knight, Sue Rogers, Sue Scott, Sue-Anne, Sumugan Sivanesan, Suzanne Dargie, Suzzanne Matkowski, Susan Goode, Susan Handle, Susan Hey, Susan Sands, Suzi Krawczyle, Tamara Kennedy, Tahl Solomon, Teresa Coghlan, Terry Patterson, Toni Lea - Howie, Trish Castillo, Trish McAlpine, Trish Sabatier, Ursula Harrison, Vanessa Robins, Virginia Hilyard, Vishna Collins, Vivienne Miller, Wendy Diver, Wendy Hanna, Wendy Sheppard, Wendy Xu, Yvonne Lonsdale, Yvette Higgins, Yong Xin Liu, Zacha Rosen, Zena Seliga, Zoe Paull, Zuza Zochowski

Photos of the Sydney Reef at the Powerhouse Museum by Claire Conroy (courtesy of In Stitches).