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SCHOOL Reef – Pennington School

The Pennington School's sixth grade class will create a Plastic Coral Reef. Our group learned of the Crochet Coral Reef, a worldwide project that blends art, science, math and environmental awareness that began in Australia in 2005. Our hope is to create the reef entirely out of plastic yarn (plarn), through the collection of plastic bags at school, as well as other plastic debris that would normally be discarded. Students will learn to create the plarn, crochet it, and develop structures that mimic the coral and other sea life commonly found in a reef habitat. In doing so, we hope to draw attention to the consumption of plastic products and the impact they have on our oceans. The Plastic Reef will be on display in the school gallery in spring, 2012.

A link to a website where we are keeping track of our project with regular updates/photos/videos:

Photos by Dolores Eaton.