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Satellite Reef – New York

The second Sister City Reef was constructed in New York during late 2007 and early 2008. The magnificent NY Reef made its debut at an exhibition at the Winter Garden in the World Financial Center (April-August 2008). This time the construction of the local reef was spearheaded by the New York Institute for the Humanities, a project that was overseen by the indefatigable Molly Sullivan along with Barbara Hillary Van Elsen of the New York Crochet Guild. Handi-crafters around the city were mobilized and more than 100 people contributed to this reef. The Harlem Knitting Circle also come on board, led by Njoya Angrum who conducted weekly workshops at the George Bruce Branch of the NY Public Library.

New York Reef Contributors

Below is a list of all the contributors to the New York Reef. Thank you so much to each of them!

Norma Agatstein, Lidia Agueda, Lauren Alteiri, Njoya Angrum, Kathryn D. Barrios, Isabel Beaton, Tina Bliss, Jane Borkow, Beverly Bratton, Jill Braun, Julita Braxton, Andrea Brelinski, Nancy Budner, Kaila Bulfin, Yvette Byas, Dina Caivano, Carolyn Cavicchio, Una Chadhuri, Christina Chang, Molly Charboneau, Jasmine Charley, Yvonne Cherry, Lily M. Chin, Valerie Chung, Lumar Clarkson, Mary Colucci, Patricia Connelly, Elizabeth Cordero, Leslie Reid-Coreen, Kate Creegan, Robin Cryan, Janice Davey, Gloria Davis, Anais De Los Santos, Pam De Los Santos, Elizabeth DeGaetano, Jeanette DeVita, Marie DeVito, Calesa Dixon, Mary DuBois, Kate Dupnik, Jessica Erace, Leslie Feder, Janet Felix, Sheryl Forde, Nadine Fishelson, Dagmar Frinta, Nancy Fuentes, Joyce Fung , Siuping Fung, Suitsz Fung, Lois Landin Gareau, Louisa Blubaugh Gately, Linda Gerstein, Susan Goldman, Arlene Greaves, Gay Green, Naomi Paz Greenberg, Carolyn Hanson, Sherry Heit, Josie Hong, Phyllis Howe, Albert Intenzo, Shoshonna Jackson, Veronica Jackson, Deirdre Jernigan, Prabh Kaur, Rebecca Keenan, Siew Chu Kerk, Janice Kish, Judith Knipe, Carol Kohlenberg, Jennifer Koenig, Joyce Kolyer, Kim Kotary, Wilma Kotary, Sandra Koterba, Rosmarie Krist, Jamese Lamb, Melissa J. Landin, Susana Landaez, Cristine Laputka, Paula Lawrence, Chana Levi, Clarisse Levine, Maxine Levinson, Johanna Li, Patricia Kenyon Maher , Zina Malik, Wakako Matsushita, Cynthia McLean, Bernice Meltzer, Miriam Milgram, Arlene Mintzer, Tatyana Mirer, Justine Moody, Madoka Moore , Anna M. Morgan, Barbara Morrison, Olga Mosky, Hong Muchina, Willena Nanton, Robin Naulty, Jessica Ng, Joan Niborg, Melania Nice, Jane Nowakowski, Dora Ohrenstein, Hila Paldi, Wendy Penner, Jo Ann Segreto Preston, Bonnie Prokopowicz, Adele Rogers Recklies, MAgalie Remy, Sonia Jaffe Robins, Candace Roland, Lisa Ronco , Judith Roth, Jen SanMiguel, Jill Schreier, Judith Schwartz, Audrey Segree, Urmie D. Seenarine, Marci Senders, Nadia Severns, Roselle Siegel, Melissa Soong, Sydna Spancake, Pamela Stiles, Vanessa Sullivan, Yvonne "BklynVonne" Tate, Lalita Togas, Barbara Vaccaro, Judith Van Bers, Barbara Hillery Van Elsen, Karen Van Elsen, Pirkko Vega, Barbara Wane, Meredith Weaver, Beth Weissman, Barbara Williams, Patricia Williams, Sandra Williams, Rebecca Wright, Deb Wunder, Vivian Yuriko, Millie Zeno, Samantha Zeno, Members of The NYC Crochet Guild, The Harlem Knitting Circle, Pelham High School, and many, many other crocheters.

The New York Reef was shown during 2008 as part of a double-sited exhibition at the World Financial Center and NYU's "Windows on Broadway" space. Both exhibitions opened on April 6, when a reception was held for contributors in the Winter Garden to celebrate the local community's achievement. At the Winter Garden site the NY Reef was accompanied by the Chicago Reef and the IFF's own Toxic Reef. Together they made an amazing triumverate - three massive woolly mountains of hyperbolic marine wonder. More information about the NY shows may be seen here.

The Winter Garden exhibition was hosted by arts>World Financial Center and by Brookfield Properties. During the course of the exhibition WFC continued to hold weekly workshops, led by Helen Wall, and participants added new forms to the NY Reef continuing its evolution.

In Fall 2008 the New York Reef is being exhibited at SHOW Gallery on Staten Island.

The New York Reef at the Wold Financial Center (Spring 2008). The New York Reef was spearheaded by the New York Corchet Guild and the Harlem Knitting Circle, under the guidance of Barbara Hillary Van Elsen and Njoya Angrum.

The New York Reef and the Toxic Reef at the World Financial Center, Winter Garden. Above hangs Dr Axt's pink psychadelic Reefer Madness.

Crochet Reef Exhibition at the World Financial Center, Winter Garden (Spring 2008). Featuring the New York Reef, Chicago Reef and the Toxic Reef.
Photos from the IFF Archive by Helen Wall.