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Satellite Reef – Latvian Reef Tours

Photos by Tija Viksna - taken at the Gallery Azur in Riga, August 2009.

September 2009.

The IFF is delighted to announce that the Latvian Reef is going on tour. This exceptional Reef now has contributions from 644 women and girls throughout Latvia. That is the largest number of contributors of all existing Satellite Reefs to date and the IFF expresses its heartfelt admiration for this truly extraordinary effort.

The tour began with an exhibition at Gallery Azur in Riga which ran during September 2009. At this exhibition, previous works by hundreds of Latvian school children were supplemented with new works by many other women and girls throughout the country. The exhibition was organized - as has been the whole Latvian initiative - by Tija Viksna, who has spearheaded a national effort of stupendous proportions.

There is no other person in the world who has organized so much in the global Crochet Reef universe and the IFF stands in awe of this amazing woman.

Exhibition of the Latvian Reef, featuring wall hangings from the Latvian Schools Reef, photographed at Galllery Azur in Riga, August 2009.

After closing at Gallery Azur, the Latvian Reef will be touring to the Art School of Kekava, where it will be on show through late October 2009.

After that, tour stops will include the cities of Ventspils, Mazsalaca and Liepaja.

Please stay tuned for further updates and information.

Tija Viksna, at right, hangs a piece of crochet coral at the Gallery Azur in Riga, August 2009. The wooden fish among the coral was hand carved by Tija's father Janis Roberts Jansons.

At the opening of the exhibition in Gallery Azur, a group of special Reef contributors from one of Riga's Day Care Centers were given a crochet workshop by Dr Daina Taimina, inventor of the technique of hyperbolic crochet.

Dr Taimina, a Latvian native, was visiting the country and has been a powerful and supportive force in the Latvian Reef project. The IFF would again like to acknowledge Daina's beautiful invention - which has now inspired many thousands of people all over the world.

Dr Daina Taimina leads a hyperbolic crochet workshop at the Gallery Azur in Riga, August 2009. At right is a model showing mathematical theorems on a hyperbolic surface. One of the beauties of Dr Taimina's invention is that mathematical theorems can be made materially manifest.