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Satellite Reef – Indiana State Women’s Prison

The Reef laid out in the workroom, with a beautiful and fitting deep sea mural as a backdrop. Photo by Carol Frohlich.

Early in 2010, Carol Frolich, organizer of the Indiana Reef, contacted the Indiana State Women's Prison to inquire about the possibility of bringing the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project to some of its inhabitants. Anna Brown, Program Coordinator of the Sheltered Women's Workshop, brought Carol to the prison to visit a group of hand-picked women three times over the course of a few months.

A close-up of a beautiful coral tree made by Michelle Jones. Photo by Carol Frohlich.

Many of the women in the Workshop were already familiar with crochet, as they regularly produce hats, scarves, mittens, and blankets for the homeless and the Veteran's Hospital. However, the CCR brought a new sense of play to the women's work. They chose yarn from the prison's supplies and brainstormed ideas for the Reef. In between each of the three visits Carol made to the State Prison, the crafters produced a plethora of animated coral and creatures.

It takes both Constance Tomich and Cindy White to hold this large, colorful work. Photo by Carol Frohlich.

Crafter Michelle Jones holds two of her inventive coral creations. Photo by Carol Frohlich.

Jessica Utter and Krista Cline present a collectively-crafted 'mound' of corals. Photo by Carol Frohlich.

These creations now constitute a ‘Patch Reef’ that will be included as a part of the Indiana Reef exhibition at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, opening September 1, 2010. The IFF is proud to have these Indiana women on board the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral project and thank them for all their efforts.

The select group poses with a portion of the Indiana State Women's Prison Reef. Front row (L-R):  Lyane Casiano, Constance Tomich, Helen Clements, Jessica Utter, Morgan Dalton, Carol Frohilch, & Latonya Robinson. Back Row: Donna Johnson , Debra Rollins, Talinqa Johnson, Krista Kline, Carissa Whitesell. Photo by Carol Frohlich.

List of Contributors

Carissa Whitesell, Cindy White, Jessica Utter, Debra Rollins, Lyane Casiano, Carol Smith, Latonya Robinson, Krista Cline, Constance Tomich, Morgan Dalton, Talinqa Johnson, Helen M. Clements, and Michelle Jones.