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Satellite Reef – Indiana

A young crafter presents a colorful coral mound during an Indiana Reef workday at the Indiana State Museum. Photo by Carol Frolich.

The Indiana Reef began in 2009 with its first exhibition planned for the Fall of 2010 at the Indiana State Museum. From the beginning, this local Reef was full-steam ahead, attracting hundreds of dedicated crafters, some of whom worked on-site in the Museum each week as a kind of 'coming attraction' demonstration of hyperbolic crochet. Lovingly coordinated by Carol Frohlich of the Crochet Guild of Indianapolis, the Indiana Reef captivated the crochet hooks of dedicated Mid-Westerners for many months. These Reefers grew wildly-colored coral as well as schools upon schools!! Ultimately the Indiana Reef features many beautifully composed 'mounds' that are guarded over by the hanging fish.

The Indiana Reef has a special 'Patch Reef' made by a group at the Indiana State Women's Prison. Carol worked closely with Anna Brown, Program Coordinator of the Sheltered Women's Workshop at the prison, to extend the State Reef to this often-overlooked population.

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The entrance to the Indiana Reef's debut exhibition a the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis. Photo by Carol Frolich.

An installation shot of the Indiana Reef, which features a number of hanging schools of fish. Photo by Carol Frolich.

Crocheters 'moundified' during the weeks leading up to the Indiana Reef's debut. Photo by Carol Frolich.

A beautiful bleached mound from the Indiana Reef gives a poignant reminder of the effects of ocean warming on coral reefs. Photo by Carol Frolich.

'Moundification' is the process of bringing groups of coral together into organic peaks and valleys for exhibition. The Indiana Reefers did this lovingly to create arresting collections that mimic how coral grows on the ocean floor. Photos by Carol Frolich.