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Information for Educators and Teachers

Two Latvian high school students who participated in the Latvian Schools Reef during 2009, receive prizes for their work at the Gallery Consentio in Riga. Photo by Una Sneidere.

Professional Educators

If you are an educational professional who wishes to consider developing formal curriculum materials concerning the Crochet Coral Reef project for any kind of distribution you must be in contact with the Institute For Figuring. The CCR is the intellectual property of the Institute and all rights are protected. If you would like to discuss licensing arrangements please send us an email formally outlining your proposal at

Please see our Rights and Permission page before proceeding.

The Latvian Schools Reef on exhibition at Gallery Consentio, Riga (2009). The Latvian Schools Reef was organized by Tija Viksna, a handicrafter in Riga, in conjunction with Laila Strada, principal of the Children's Art School of Mazsalaca. Please see the Satellite Reef page for further information on this remarkable project.