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How to Make Your Own Crochet Corals

If you are interested in learning more about hyperbolic space and crochet, you can purchase our book A Field Guide to Hyperbolic Space: An Exploration of the Intersection of Higher Geometry and Feminine Handicraft from the Institute For Figuring's website. This small elegant book is a highly accessible introduction to the mathematics that underlies crochet coral forms and also provides a taxonomy of the basic different model types with instructions for making each one. The book provides a brief history of mathematicians understanding of hyperbolic space is written as a basic guide to this topic for non-mathematicians.

Click here if you are interested in starting a Satellite Reef where you live.

If you are an educator and hope to bring the Crochet Coral Reef project into your classroom or curriculum, find out how to do so legally.

Reef installers Sarah Noble and Denise Quinn teach visitors to the Birmingham exhibition of the UK Reef how to make hyperbolic crochet corals. The UK Reef was sponsored by the Crafts Council and the Southbank Center. Photo courtesy Denise Quinn.