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Rights and Permissions

The Crochet Coral Reef (CCR) is a project of the Institute For Figuring (IFF), a Los Angeles based non-profit educational organization whose mission is to develop creative new ways to engage the public with science, mathematics and the technical arts.

The CCR results from years of intellectual research and development on the part of the Institute and its directors, Margaret and Christine Wertheim. The project. Their efforts have created the nexus of maths, handicrafts, community art, feminism, and science that is itself the Reef project. If you would like to develop exhibitions or programs of any kind based around the CCR you must seek permission from the IFF. While hyperbolic crochet is something to be learned and employed freely, the Reef project, with its nexus of disciplines, is a product of the IFF's innovations in public education and is protected.

Material published on this site - both text and images - is protected by intellectual property law: this includes copyright and moral rights, and where applicable, cultural rights. These materials may only be used with permission.

Should you wish to incorporate the CCR project into any kind of educational curriculum materials - public or private - or use the materials contained on this website in a public display of any kind (whether in print, on a website) you are required to contract with the Institute For Figuring and pay an appropriate usage fee.

If you wish to start a Satellite Reef of your own or exhibit a Satellite Reef in any public venue you must seek permission from the IFF. We have a formal Partnership Agreement that we require all Satellite Reef organizers to sign that outlines the framing of your local reef within the context of the global CCR Project. The Partnership Agreement formalizes your rights and responsibilities, and details the support that the IFF will provide.

Any unauthorized publication, reproduction, transmission or storage in a retrieval system of any part of or content on this website in any form or by any means is specifically prohibited.

The Institute For Figuring is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. For further information see our website: