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Track 16, Los Angeles

Main gallery space at Track 16 with the incredible "People's Reef" - a new curatorial amalgum of the New York Reef and the Chicago Reef. In the background is Dr Axt's amazing "Whiticus Reeficus - Reefer Madness II" . Photos © the IFF.

Track 16 Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Exhibition Dates: January 10 - February 28, 2009

Curated by Margaret and Christine Wertheim

Opening Reception: Saturday Jan 10, 6-9pm.

Plastic Bag Crochet Workshop: Saturday Jan 17, 2-4pm.

Lecture on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: By Captain Charles Moore. Saturday Jan 17, 4-6pm.

The IFF's Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef exhibition opened at Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles on January 10th, 2009. The exhibition is by far the largest incarnation of the project to date and we are delighted to acknowledge all the immensely skillful and creative Contributors whose work collectively makes this such an incredible show.

Core Reef Contributors to the Track 16 Exhibition

Christine Wertheim and Margaret Wertheim (CA, Australia), Daina Taimina (NY), Sarah Simons (CA), Evelyn Hardin (TX), Dr Axt (OR), Heather McCarren (CA), Helen Bernasconi (Australia), Marianne Midelburg (Australia), Barbara Wertheim (Australia), Helle Jorgensen (Australia), Anitra Menning (CA), Shari Porter (CA), Vonda N. McIntyre (WA), Ildiko Szabo (UK), Nancy Lewis (VT), Sue Von Ohlsen (VA), Rebecca Peapples (MI), Clare O’Callaghan (CA), Eleanor Kent (CA), Kathleen Greco (PA), Aviva Alter (IL), Catherine Chandler (IL), Nadia Severns (NY), Arlene Mintzer (NY), Anita Bruce (UK). With Alicia Escott, Erika and Monika Simmons, Pate Conaway, Paula Peng, Allie Gerlach, Spring Pace, David Orozco, Karen Frazer, Karen Page, Lynn Latta, Barbara Robinson, Kristine Brandel, Cindy Bennish, Diana Simons, Dagmar Frinta, Jill Schreier, Pamela Stiles, Barbara Van Elsen, Njoya Angrum, Siew Chu Kerk, Jessica Stapp, Kat Ramsland, Barbara Wakesfield, Amber Reyes, Ranu Mukherjee’s class at CCA, Katy Bevan, Rosy Sykes, Beverly Griffiths, Denise Quinn, Sara Noble, Lucinda Ganderton, Christina Bliss, Anna Mayer, Jemima Wyman, Elizabeth and Anne Wertheim, Trevor and Ryan Oakes. Plus unknown doillie makers and Chinese factory workers.

Also included in this exhibition is the amazing new People's Reef, a collective agglomeration of the Chicago Reef and the New York Reef:

  • The Chicago Reef was created under the auspices of the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum and Chicago Humanities Festival. A full list of Contributors to the Chicago Reef may be seen here on the Chicago Reef page.
  • The New York Reef was created under the auspices of the New York institute of the Humanities, the New York Crochet Guild and the Harlem Knitting Circle. A full list of Contributors to the New York Reef may be seen on the NY Reef page.

Track 16 Gallery: Bergamot Station C1, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404,


This exhibition is supported by grants from the Peter Norton Family Foundation, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the Daniel and Joanna S. Rose Fund, and Bella Meyer.

Detail of the "People's Reef" - a curatorial amalgum of the New York Reef and the Chicago Reef.

This exhibition has been generously supported by grants from:

  • The Peter Norton Family Foundation
  • The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through Los Angeles County Arts Commission.
  • The Daniel and Joanna S. Rose Fund
  • Bella Meyer

Evelyn Hardin's White Spire Tube-Worm Garden, curated here by Ann Wertheim.

Highlights of the exhibition include:

The Classical Section

  • A stunning re-configuration of the New York Reef and Chicago Reef, here collectively named “The Peoples’ Reef”, conglomerated into one huge complex archipeligo spread out across the floor on a pool of black felt. This amazing installation took a team of people a week to curate, led by Anna Mayer, Jemima Wyman and Christine Wertheim.
  • Dr Axt's huge hanging "Reefer Madness" plus and her beautiful new “White-icus Reef-icus, or Reefer Madness II” which is featured on the cover of the classical brochure.
  • A new incarnation of the IFF’s “Ladies’ Silurian Atoll,” the giant, delicate ring-shaped reef that forms the core of the IFF’s classical collection and contains works by almost all our Core Contributors..
  • The Bleached Reef (always an audience favorite), which here includes tiny new beaded crochet wonders by Nadia Severns, plus a mound of starched doillie crocheted by unknown Chinese factory workers, Marianne Midelberg’s red and white sea slug, Jill Schreier’s miniature beaded crochet corals, and many other amazements.
  • Trevor and Ryan Oakes wondrous hyperbolic pseudosphere woven out of pipe-cleaners.
  • “Diatoms” an exquisite animation of traditional doillie patterns by Sarah Simons
  • The Chicago Cambrian Reef by Aviva Alter and companions (Jessica Stapp, Kat Ramsland, Barbara Wakesfield, Amber Reyes) showing in a new expanded version.
  • Helen Bernasconi’s amazing 30 foot long hanging Hyperbolic Sea Snake.
  • Nancy Lewis’s awesome wall hanging “monsters.”

The Toxic Reef, curated by Christine Wertheim, with the Rubbish Vortex by Helle Jorgensen.

The Plastic Section

• The Plastic Exploding Inevitable Reef, featuring Kathleen Greco's luscious hot-pink Jelly-Yarn "sand” (installed in the gallery’s front window).

• A new incarnation of the Toxic Reef starring orange coral mounds by Christine Wertheim.

• Helle Jorgensen's beautiful "Rubbish Vortex" made entirely from plastic shopping bags.

• A brand new Blue Reef made from New York Times wrappers by Clare O’Callaghan.

• A brand new grove of extraordinary white spire tube-worm forms by Evelyn Hardin (a bleached masterpiece, curated here by Ann Wertheim).

• Hanging groves of video-tape kelps by Christine.

• A flock of miniature plastic jellyfish made from bin-liner bags by Margaret Wertheim

• Electroluminescent corals by Eleanor Kent (virtuoso “Granny-Tech”).

• The Midden: two years worth of Margaret and Christine’s plastic trash (curated here by Jemima Wyman); with painted seascapes on take-out boxes by Alicia Escott.

The Toxic Reef, curated by Christine Wertheim, with the Rubbish Vortex by Helle Jorgensen. Featuring orange corals by Christine, Shari Porter, and Cindy Bennish.

The Midden - two years worth of Margaret and Christine's plastic trash. Curated here by Jemima Wyman. With wall hanging "midden monsters" by Evelyn Hardin and Christine.

Detail of the People's Reef, featuring white contributions from Chicago and New York.

The Ladies' Silurian Atoll, curated by Margaret and Christine, featuring contributions from all our most beloved contributors.

The Ladies' Silurian Atoll, detail, featuring white spires by Evelyn Hardin and giant orange coral piece by Christine.


Detail of Aviva Alter's amazing Cambrian Explosion Reef.

Detail of The Ladies' Silurian Atoll, featuring tree forms by the people of Chicago, infant anemone grove by Margaret, and purple spires by Barbara Wertheim.

The Specimen Case:

A wall of handsome standing wood and glass cases (as in a natural history museum) displaying a large collection of works by many of our most skilled contributors:

  • Nadia Severns “bottle trees”
  • Arlene Mintzer’s miniature towers from her “Garden of Aqua Flora” Collection
  • Tiny hand-dyed-wool corals by Dagmar Frinta
  • Octopus forms by Helen Bernasconi
  • Anitra Bruce’s extraordinary knitted-wire sea forms from her “Mutation” Series
  • Tiny beaded Byzantine marvels by Rebecca Peapples
  • Sue Von Ohlsen’s gorgeous, glittering beaded pseudospheres
  • Beaded jellyfish by Vonda N. McIntyre
  • Beaded kelps by Sarah Simons
  • Black plastic Jelly-Yarn jellyfish flotilla by Arlene Mintzer
  • JellyYarn anemone Snow-Globes by Kathleen Greco (a new pop-art wonder)
  • Flourescent pink and green Coral Garden by Ildiko Szarbo (a psychadelic marvel)
  • Pink and green architectonic hyperbolic planes by Anitra Menning

Detail of the Specimen case, featuring Ildiko Szabo's flourescent corals, Arlene Mintzer's black plastic jelly-yarn corals, and Anitra Menning's architectonic hyperbolic planes.

Detail of the Specimen case: Arlene Mintzer's beautifully inspired black plastic jelly-yarn corals (with synthetic hair-ornaments, plastic "rubber bands" and pieces of NY subway pass cards.)

Trevor and Ryan Oakes' woven pipe-cleaner pseudosphere - a true masterpiece of hyperbolic art and one of the rare pieces in this exhibition made by male hands.

Snow-Globe with plastic Jelly-Yarn anemone by Kathleen Greco. Kathleen is the inventor of Jelly-Yarn, one of our favorite crochet mediums.

The Specimen Case, detail. Featuring Nadia Severns' wondrous Bottle Trees (made from discared plastic water bottles) and Arlene Mintzer's Gaudiesq towers from her Garden of Aqua Flora Series. Above is one of Helen Bernasconi's octopus forms, made from her own hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn, and wall mounted corals from New York Contributors.

The Specimen Case, detail. Featuring Sue Von Ohlsen's incredible beaded pseudospheres.

The Specimen Case, detail. Vonda McIntyre's stunning red and white beaded pseudosphere.

The Specimen Case, detail. Tiny Byzantine beaded hyperbolics by Rebecca Peapples and beaded kelps by Sarah Simons.

The Specimen Case, detail. Knitted sea creatures by Anita Bruce, made from scientific wire.

The Bleached Reef, detail. Intricate beaded crochet corals by Nadia Severns.

The Bleached Reef, detail. Featuring Marianne Middelberg's red and white sea slug, blue coral mound by Nancy Lewis, white spires by Evelyn Hardin, rubble coral mounds by Margaret Wertheim, crochet dodecahedron by Lily M. Chin, and vintage plastic doillies by maker unknown (donated by Elizabeth Wertheim).

The Plastic Exploding Inevitable Reef - installed in the front window of Track 16. Featuring Kathleen Greco's surreal hot-pink Jelly-Yarn sand, with video tape anemones and kelps by Christine and white spires by Evelyn.