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Right Window at ATA, San Franscisco

plastic exploding inevitable reef

is showing in San Francisco at

Right Window at ATA
992 Valencia at 21st Street, San Francisco

Exhibition Dates:
Sept 7 - Oct 3, 2008

Opening Reception: September 7, 5-8 p.m.
Project Talk at 6pm by IFF co-director Christine Wertheim.

Plastic rubbish anemone tree form by Barbara Wertheim, with surrounding sea-creatures by Nadia Severns made from discarded plastic water bottles embellished with crochet flanges. Photos © The Institute For Figuring, by Vincent Dachy.

During September 2008, the IFF's Plastic Exploding Inevitable Reef will be showing at Right Window at ATA in San Francisco, an exhibition organized by famed Bay Area experimental writer Dodie Bellamy.

This amazing all-plastic installation is the latest spawn of the IFF's Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project. Curated and designed by Christine Wertheim (the IFF's reigning queen of plastic) this delicate, psychedelic installation features electric-pink Jelly-Yarn "sand" by Kathleen Greco; a clutch of craft-lace anemones adorned with plastic beads by Evelyn Hardin; a grove of bottle tree forms by Nadia Severs and Barbara Wertheim; and a tiny exquisite sea-scape painted on the inside of a plastic take-out food container by Alicia Escott.

In the decades since Andy Warhol created his "Exploding Plastic Inevitable", the original multimedia component of his now-infamous Factory, the words he strung together have taken on a more sinister edge. In the hands of the IFF and a subset of our most irrepressible contributors the name has been morphed to inspire an installation that calls attention to the alarming problem of plastic trash that is inundating our oceans.

Contributors to the Plastic Exploding Inevitable

Kathleen Greco (pink plastic Jelly-Yarn sand); Evelyn Hardin (craft-lace anemones and white spires); Nadia Severns and Barbara Wertheim (bottle trees); Sarah Simons, Margaret Wertheim and Christine Wertheim (anemones); Arlene Mintzer (black craft-lace jelly-fish); Ildiko Szabo (flourescent coral forms); Alicia Escott (painted take-out box seascape).

More information about this exhibition can be seen at

More information about the issue of plastic trash in our ocean.

The Plastic Exploding Inevitable Reef at ATA in San Francisco (September 2008). Photos by Christine Wertheim.

Barbara Wertheim's bottle trees at center, with EmergenC rubbish coral by Christine in front and bottle tree corals by Nadia Severns at right.

Jelly yarn sand by Kathleen Greco and white spires by Eveyln Hardin.

Miniature coral-reef painting on plastic take-out food box by Alicia Escott.

Crocheted video tape kelp form by Christine, with black hanging jelly-fish by Arlene Mintzer, white plastic tube-worms by Margaret, and craft-lace corals by Evelyn Hardin.

Front window at ATA in downtown San Francisco.