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Ladies Silurian Atoll (detail) - with sea slug by Marianne Middleburg, infant anemone garden by Margaret Wertheim, coral rock pile by Evelin Hardin, orange brain corals by Christine Wertheim and wall mounds by
Inga Hamilton. Photo by Aaron and Cassandra Ott.

The IFF Crochet Coral Reef is a collective and collaborative enterprise. The reef project was created by IFF directors Margaret and Christine Wertheim and from the beginning it was conceived as a celebration of women’s handiwork that would welcome all who want to participate. Our ideal is to have contributors from as many countries as possible – especially those nations with major reef ecosystems. We are thus delighted to acknowledge four stellar contributors from Australia, home to the Great Barrier Reef: Marianne Midelburg, Helen Bernasconi, Helle Jorgensen and our mother Barbara Wertheim (who taught us handicrafts as children.) Every person who comes to this seems to bring a unique perspective and we have learned from experience that the best models are the ones we have least imagined - we encourage you to let your imaginations run riot. All contributors will be acknowledged on this website and in exhibitions where the work is shown.

Due to overwhelming response, we are only now accepting new contributions in plastic (except in unusual or extenuating cases.) We especially would like to receive things made from plastic-bag-yarn. Before submitting works please read the web-page Crocheting Plastic.

Contributions may be sent to:
The Institute For Figuring, PO Box 50346, Los Angeles, CA 90050 USA.

Crochet Contributors
Christine Wertheim – Los Angeles, CA
Margaret Wertheim – Los Angeles, CA
Sarah Simons - Culver City, CA
Daina Taimina - Ithica, NY
Barbara Wertheim - Melbourne, Australia
Helle Jorgensen - Sydney, Australia
Marianne Midelburg - Bendigo, Australia
Helen Bernasconi - Bonnie Doon, Australia
Evelyn Harding - Cedar Hill, TX
Anitra Menning - Los Angeles, CA
Shari Porter - Rialto, CA
Catherine Chandler - Chicago, IL (Chicago Reef Coordinator)
Aviva Alter - Chicago, IL
Kristine Brandel - Chicago, IL
Eleanor Kent - San Francisco, CA
Karen Frazer - Mission Hills, CA
Lynn Latta - Santa Monica, CA
David Orozco - Eagle Rock, CA
Allie Gerlach - Portland, OR
Paula Peng - Los Angeles, CA
Clare O'Callaghan - Los Angeles, CA
Inga Hamilton - Bangor, Northern Ireland
Cindy Bennish - Chicago, IL
Barbara Robinson - Palmerston North, New Zealand
Shirley Waxman - Skokie, IL
Kathleen Greco - Southhampton, PA
Pate Conaway - Chicago, IL
Arlene Mintzer - Brooklyn, NY
Nadia Severns - New York, NY
Jill Schreier - New York, NY
Dagma Frinta - New York, NY
Barbara Van Elsen - New York, NY (NY Reef Coordinator)
Njoya Angrum - Harlem, NY
Pamela Stiles - New York, NY
Cheryl McCormack - Australia
Katy Bevan - London, UK (UK Reef Coordinator)
Beverly Griffiths - London, UK
Rosy Sykes - London, UK
Anita Bruce - London, UK
Refia Sacks - London, UK
Siew Chu Kerk - New York, NY
Denise Quinn - Leamington Spa, UK
Sara Noble - London, UK
Anna Mayer - Los Angeles, CA
Jemina Wyman - Brisbane, Australia
Elizabeth Wertheim - Melbourne, Australia
Ann Wertheim - Melbourne, Australia
Lily M. Chin - New York, NY
Sally Giles - Chicago, IL
Diana Fisher - Scottsdale, AZ (Scottsdale Reef coordinator)
Melissa Martinez - Scottsdale, AZ (Scottsdale Reef coordinator)
Emily Detrick - Scottsdale, AZ (Scottsdale Reef coordinator)
Wendy Raisanen - Scottsdale, AZ (Scottsdale Reef coordinator)
Jennifer White - Scottsdale, AZ
Sharon Menges - Scottsdale, AZ
Linda Shirey - Scottsdale, AZ

Beading Contributors
Vonda N. McIntyre - Seattle, WA
Diana Simons - Pasadena, CA
Rebecca Peapples - Boston, MA
Sue Von Ohlsen - Chesapeake, VA

Other Handicraft Reefs
Marianne Midelburg - Bendigo, Austrailia
Dr. Axt - Jacksonville, OR
Pauline Dutkowski - Vancouver, BC
Petra Maitz - Vienna, Austria

Special Friends of the Reef
Lawrence Weschler
Lisa Yun Lee
Catherine Chandler
Molly Sullivan
Cathy Woolley (UK Reef Coordinator)
Becca Connock
Ralph Rugoff
Laurie Steelink - Track 16 Gallery
Tom Pagett - Track 16 Gallery
Cindy Ojeda - Track 16 Gallery
Sean Meredith - Track 16 Gallery
Valerie Vadala Homer - (Scottsdale Public Arts)
Neil Borowicz - Scottsdale, AZ
Janie Ellis - Scottsdale, AZ
Gai Williams - Scottsdale, AZ