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Alicia Escott

Trash Seascapes

Coral reef seascape painted onto a discarded ziploc bag, by Alicia Escott.

In 2008 Christine gave a lecture about the Crochet Reef Project at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. One of the students who attended was Alicia Escott, a young artist who had been drawing images of leopards and other animals onto pieces of discarded plastic packaging. The images were rendered with Sharpies giving them a quality at once lurid and delicate. The IFF was enchanted with this work and asked Alicia if she would be interested in doing some coral reef seascapes. Alicia rose to the challenge and in early 2009 several of these hauntingly ephemeral works were shown in the Crochet Reef exhibition at Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles.

Coral reef seascape painted onto a discarded plastic take-out box, by Alicia Escott.

In exhibitions of the Reef, Alicia's works are hung above the IFF Midden, which is composed from two years worth of Margaret and Christine's domestic plastic trash. Alicia's hand-rendered seascapes - lovingly impressed on pieces of disposable junk - remind us that the trash we so blithely throw out has to end up somewhere - all too often in our oceans.

Coral reef seascape painted onto airline food plastic wrapper, by Alicia Escott.

Here is what Alicia says about her work and practice:

"Through these works I am physically recreating packaging while addressing the packaging of concepts such as nature and wilderness.

I am both interested in how the materials I use move through the consumer economy and of how words and concepts like 'sustainability', 'ecological', ‘recyclable’ and 'nature' move through the information economy."

More information about Alicia's work can be seen on her website:

Alicia's painted seascapes adorning the IFF Midden in the Crochet Reef exhibition at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica (2009)
Photos from the IFF Archive by Francine McDougall.